Review Details for Breast Augmentation Experience

  • jalbert
  • Dr Pongsatorn
  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket
  • 4 years ago

If you are looking to get Breast Augmentation done - I went through Restored Beauty Getaways and enjoyed every experience! The staff in Perth Head office were support from start of consultation to the end of my surgery - ensuring follow ups were regular. Surgery day in Phuket, Thailand, I met my Dr Pongsatorn or as he calls himself Dr Jib! He was very thorough on everything that we were going to do, helped try on bra with implants in it to see what it may look like. Then after all the questions I asked for answered, he ensured he asked me what size and cup size I was wanting which I was very impressed with as I have heard of a few friends being pushed into sizes that they are not happy with now! Right before surgery while they were injecting me with anaesthetic (I think that's what it's called/spelt), Dr Jib was right by my side, even holding my hand making sure I was okay! Anyway, after surgery all follow ups were very VERY good! I was looked after so well with their nurses (I think there were 2-3 tending to me). To cut my experience short, would recommend RBG for your first cosmetic surgery trip (they organise travel, accommodation, travel/medical insurance). Even the escorts from airport to hotel, hotel to hospital and back were organised so well and efficiently! We even made a side deal with one of our escort drivers to take us around Phuket for a whole day at a desired price!!

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