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Botox, - reducing frown

Happy with result, Very lovely clinic in Nedlands area. You can find cheaper in Perth Per unit however they do specials and promos which you could take advantage of if you sign up to database/sms notifications. Obviously expect to pay more given the location. From memory it was around $18 per unit and I got around 16 units. They do heaps of other procedures which I didnt use however heard great r LEARN MORE

27, female, wanting to reduce fine lines

  • Ashleigh77
  • Dr Debbie
  • Glowing Gracefully-Ocean Reef
  • 4 years ago

Very happy with Debbie @ Glowing Gracefully. Currently only getting 10-12 units ( small amount) between brows. Debbie also recommended 2 units on right brow to give a 'mini lift' and put both brows in line. Initially cost brought me to Growing Gracefully however great service and results and kept me going. She wont recommend additional units if she doesnt believe you need it. Overall price would b LEARN MORE