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Medical Definition of Sclerotherapy


As we age, our body becomes weaker and there is a big possibility that it is not as appealing as it had been in the past years. Thus, people are becoming hooked with different medical procedures such as the one termed as Sclerotherapy.

Sclerotherapy is defined as the procedure whereby a special chemical called sclerosant is injected into the patient’s vein. The main purpose of this procedure is to let the chemical damage the inside lining of the vein. Subsequently, there would be some sort of force that makes the vein to close. In this way, the patient’s varicose and spider veins would be treated.

Undergoing this procedure can also help the patient to have the walls of the vein to come closer at shorter period of time. As such, the patient would be able to walk naturally.

Risks of Getting Sclerotherapy

People might want to have this procedure as it is considered the answer to the varicose and spider vein problems. However, there are also some risks and complications that go along with this procedure.

Upon deciding to undergo Sclerotherapy, your chosen medical professional may warn you of its temporary side effects such as evident sores on your skin, presence of bruises, darkening of some skin parts, appearance of multiple tiny red blood vessels and reddening of other body areas.

Aside from these mentioned side effects, patient might also be at risk of inflammation, blood clot, air bubbles and allergic reactions.

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