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What is Scar Removal?


As its name suggests, scar removal is a procedure whereby the medical professional attempts to remove or lessen the appearance of the scars. Depending on the reason for having scar, your doctor may implement the procedure differently.

Scars could be of different types as well. Generally, there are four kinds of them. They are the so-called keloid scars, contracture scars, Hypertrophic, and acne scars.

The first is the type of scar that can be considered as the extension of the natural injury met by the patient. This is oftentimes the result of aggressive treatment against the patient’s damaged body part.

The second type of scar is obtained through burns. Patients with this type of scar are oftentimes having hard time in moving.

The third kind of it is moreover characterized by red scars. This is most commonly mistaken as keloids. However, there is a big difference between them as Hypertrophic does not go beyond the injury. The last type, acne scar, is the result of having severe acne. Depending on its type, acne scars can bring deep scars.

What are the Risks of Scar Removal?

You may be so eager with having your scar removal procedure done as you no longer want to see the evidences of the mishap you had. However, you must first compose yourself to the fullest as undergoing this treatment could also make you at risk.  You must set expectation that your scar could not be totally removed.

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