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Understanding What Mole Is


Mole had been thought off as the dark spot or pigment in one’s body part. However, doctors define this differently. Too, there are other terms being used by them in addressing this.  Some doctors use the term birthmarks, some use abnormal formations of blood vessels, and others Keratoses. The last being the one which normally appears at the age of 30.

Moles can be formed through different factors and conditions. Genes play an important role in this process as moles are most often hereditary. In other cases, moles are present when the person is born but could not be seen until the later part of his or her life.

Knowing About Mole Removal

For some reasons, people like to have their moles removed. Typically, this is done through either of the two surgical procedures namely excision and shaving. The first procedure is done without stitches while the second requires the use of scalpel blade without stitches as well.  Laser mole removal, though had been used before for this purpose, is now rarely used by medical professionals as the laser light is believed to be not sufficient enough in deeply penetrating into the skin of the patient.

In many cases, mole removal is done by a dermatologist who has been trained on this. The number of stitches the dermatologist would do depends on how deep the mole is.

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