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Another procedure that is widely embraced by women is the so-called calf reduction. This is a process that is believed to decrease the thickness of one’s calf muscle. This is done through the procedure that blocks selected nerves into the part where it is done.

Calf reduction usually takes about an hour of surgical procedure. It uses the power of anesthesia and does require fasting on patient’s part for about 6 hours before operation.  This type of procedure could be done in different ways depending on the offers of the hospital or medical professional doing the procedure.

Benefits and Risks of Calf Reduction

Like many other procedures, professionals of calf reduction make assessment as to who can qualify to this procedure. Primarily, this procedure is for those whose calves are excessively developed. This means that the size of their calves is relatively larger than the normal ones. Calf reduction is also for those who are not satisfied with their calf shape. This may mean having the size of it that cannot be altered by simply getting oneself involved in a routinely exercise.

Though being loved by many for the benefits it could give, undergoing calf reduction is accompanied by risks. Risks may range from the simplest one like swelling to the most dangerous ones. This is the reason why one must carefully seek for doctor’s advice upon deciding to be under this operation.

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