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Buttock augmentation is defined as the process of increasing fats into a person’s butt in scientific method and procedures. This is often chosen by those who have the desire to enhance and improve the physical appearance of their butt. Buttock augmentation is, too, the result of the enrichment of the gluteal area. As such, this procedure is often associated with femininity and sensuality.

Buttock augmentation is for those whose buttocks are relatively smaller as compared to the body size or frame. This is also often the choice of people with either flat or square buttock who wish to have this body part more curved that what they naturally have.

Through times and years, a person’s body figure may age as well. This is another case when people may opt for having buttock augmentation.

The Risks and Complications of Buttock Augmentation

With all the benefits of buttock augmentation come their risks and complications.  It is a fact that not all medical procedures are done successfully. As such, you must make yourself aware of the risks and complications of buttock augmentation before you proceed with the procedure.

There is a possibility of the implants to slip off thus making you at risk of buttock asymmetry. Too, swelling may take place after the procedure thereby making it longer for the result to be fully seen.

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