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What and How is Fat Removal Done?


Though how much we want ourselves to be just like that we’ve been, we cannot stop the time from running and make us look older. Yes. Our body, like many things in this world, changes. Thanks to the power of science and medicine, we can now revive our younger days.

Fat removal is one of those procedures being loved by people to date. This is defined as the cosmetic surgery that attempts to remove the excess fat from one’s cheeks. This is to give the patient a more defined cheek formation.

Depending on the doctor and hospital where the procedure is to be performed, this procedure could be done in different steps and ways. However, this normally starts with consultation with your medical professional. This step would determine what is the next step to be done. Perhaps this would require the medical professional to assess the patient’s medical history.

What are the Risks and Complications of it?

This procedure though planned and organized can still have risks and complications. Such include the possibility of having bruises and swelling. Too, unsuccessful Buccal Fat Removal can also cause bleeding and infection.

Any sign of having the above mentioned risks and complications must at once be reported to the doctor or surgeon so that necessary actions would be done.


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