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Understanding what is Women want their breast in a firmer look. To achieve such look, there are several surgical procedures available to increase the size, shape and as well alter the texture of the breast of a woman. LEARN MORE

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  • jalbert
  • Dr Pongsatorn
  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket
  • 4 years ago

If you are looking to get Breast Augmentation done - I went through Restored Beauty Getaways and enjoyed every experience! The staff in Perth Head office were support from start of consultation to the end of my surgery - ensuring follow ups were regular. Surgery day in Phuket, Thailand, I met my Dr Pongsatorn or as he calls himself Dr Jib! He was very thorough on everything that we were going to d LEARN MORE

8 years later...

 5 out of 5

Mark Duncan Smith was a fantastic surgeon. I was 20 at the time and he was very kind, informative and answered all my question and my concerns I had. He knew exactly how to achieve the look I was after and I felt very comfortable with his professional opinions of how to achieve the best look for me. His after care and post appointments were also fantastic. I had no complications with the procedure LEARN MORE

B to C - 31 yrs

 5 out of 5

After years of procrastinating, I finally had the chance to go under to get my new set of girls, I couldn't be more over the moon with my choice of Going through Ultimate Beaty Escapes...from start to finish I couldn't of asked for anyone better than Dr Unson and his staff to perform the procedure. The moment I walked into his clinic to meet him and his staff, I automatically felt a sense of 'ho LEARN MORE

I had my breast augmentation with dr piyapas in Bangkok hospital in phuket. Overall I'm extremely happy with my results my surgeon dr p is amazing! I can't fault my whole trip to Thailand, I'd do it again in a heartbeat! I had a condition called constricted breasts and dr p still did a fantastic job! They still look natural and everything! I went through restored beauty getaways Bec Cosier, Rayche LEARN MORE

8AA to 10D

 4 out of 5

The whole clinic, especially Dr Luo, were very helpful, friendly and supportive throughout the whole procedure. I'm so happy with the result and my decision to go to them LEARN MORE

I have now had 2 surgeries with Dr Joel Unson and Ultimate Beauty Escapes and the entire experience has always been easy and effortless. Doc is by far the best surgeon I have ever met and I would never risk my results or safety with anyone other than this phenomenal man and company. The Recovery Centre was perfect for my needs post surgery and the UBE team have always been very helpful and above a LEARN MORE

Information for Breast Augmentation

Understanding what Breast Augmentation is

Women want their breast in a firmer look. To achieve such look, there are several surgical procedures available to increase the size, shape and as well alter the texture of the breast of a woman.


Augmentation is the term for breast implants and fat graft mammoplasty. These approaches can be done through the application of transplanted silicone gels or implant filled with saline solution.

There are three reasons why a woman must have her breast augmented. First thing is when primary reconstruction is needed due to blunt, breast cancer and failed anatomic development, correcting the outcome of previous breast surgery and primary augmentation.

Risks of Breast Augmentation Since sensitivity of breast tissues is very high, there is a higher chance of complications such as:

·         Necrosis or death of the skin

·         Memory loss due to anaesthesia

·         Fatigue

·         Chronic breast pain

·         Breast and nipple numbness

·         Hardened and misshapen breast

·         Disfigurement

·         Scar tissue

·         Metal poisoning due to platinum exposure in silicone implants

·         Capsular contracture

·          Additional surgery needed to deal with problems

·         Infections due to bacteria and mold released from the implant

·         Poor concentration and cognitive impairment

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Australia vs overseas?

So I'm researching into opting for the surgery here in Australia or heading overseas. Can I get some advise or experiences from people who have either traveled or stayed here- was it worth it and why?

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  • The Beginning I found UBE through a few mutual friends and friends of friends. I had no idea about them during my original research and was actually looking at another company all together at the time. It was just the hospital that I was in discussions with and wasn’t feeli Continue Reading