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My Journey Begins

My Journey Begins
The Beginning
I found UBE through a few mutual friends and friends of friends. I had no idea about them during my original research and was actually looking at another company all together at the time. It was just the hospital that I was in discussions with and wasn’t feeling completely safe or sold on them, when my friend told me her friend had gone through a lady called Bel at Ultimate Beauty Escapes and that they were great and handled everything but your flights for you.

I immediately googled searched the hell out of them and everything I could on the surgery itself. I found a lot of negative feedback about Thailand and Perth surgeons but nothing on Philippines. I put through an online enquiry and got a phone call from Bel almost immediately. I scheduled in a consult with Dr Unson via Skype for that week.

Speaking with Dr Unson was great, he was prompt, thorough and I got a great vibe off of him. The information he gave me was fantastic and I made sure to read it all as soon as I could and asked him questions on Facebook. Have to admit, I was an annoying question asker. I must have asked him about green tea maybe 10 times, with the same answer every time. But he would always reply that day and he was always patient with me. Being able to chat to him instantly whenever I wanted was a massive reassurance for me. I was fairly nervous about the surgery itself but more excited. I had done my research with both local surgeons, other over seas surgeons/companies and knew I was being looked after.

Telling my mother and father was interesting, they definitely did not agree with the surgery at first. I had Dr Unson chat with my mum about the surgery itself and I showed her all of the ins and outs of what UBE looked after for me. In the end Mum ended up coming with me. I think when she met Dr Unson on pre-op day and saw Marc on arrival, it reassured her completely. She now raves about Dr Unson, UBE, Marc and the confidence change a simple breast augmentation can have on a woman. I was always very self-conscious of how heavy my lower body was compared to my non-existent breasts. Having this evened out to be in proportion to my body made a huge difference to my self-confidence.

The Surgery
My surgery went fantastically with minimal pain and issues.
I woke up from surgery with swelling, implant rise and vomiting… so much vomiting. Surgery is not pretty to begin with! During my surgery, Dr Unson found a lump protruding from my left breast when he placed the implants in. He removed this for me and had it tested, completely free of charge. He told me later on that it was just fatty tissue but concerned him enough to check it out. So I actually have 3 incisions not 2. J

Post surgery blues was hard on me. No-one prepared me for this. No-one talks about it, but I make sure I do now. Post-surgery blues is best described as a block between yourself and happy for any given period of time caused by the drop of serotonin during/after surgery. If you suffer from anxiety or depression it hits you harder. Needless to say I was a sad sally for my trip and a few weeks on return.
Doc was great, I saw him every day and was so sad to leave. I wanted to shrink him down to a mini doc and take him home with me. Such a lovely man who just gives off so much joy and so many happy vibes. He is wonderful to be around.

Marc was the only driver at the time and was so good at juggling all of us emotional women post op along with our loved ones. Mum especially liked Marc as he found all of the best places for shopping, eating, DVD’s and they had a shared love of common books… us Coulson’s are book worms and it turns out so is Marc. Marc was the one who basically organised me. I was just there, he did the rest. He organised everything from Pre-op Cardiology to meal times and shopping trips. J He was only late one or two times by 30mins max and each time he would message me in advance on the phone UBE supplied.  I did find that Filipinos stare…a lot. I eventually realised it wasn’t the bandages as much as it was my white as snow skin. I was not allowed any fake tans before surgery, much to my dismay, and so I practically glowed in the dark. They see this as beautiful… I see it as ghostly, but hey different customs, different idea of beauty.
It was all quite easy for me and I found the whole process far better with my mum right there. Especially as I was going through a breakup at the time and the post-surgery blues hit me fairly hard in a more numb sense than anything else. After roughly 4 weeks post op the blues left me and I found I was so much happier and totally in love with my new breasts! I ended up going 400cc High Profile Round, sub-muscular. On my then size 12-14 frame with a fairly decently sized butt(big), they fit me perfectly! Doc even took into account that I was wanting to lose some weight after the surgery. I was roughly a size 12-14 heavy hour-glass at the time.

When I went through UBE, they had hotels as the accommodation. This was fine but my only negative feedback about the entire experience was the hotel. I was so happy when I started working for UBE that they implemented a massive house for everybody to stay in. I found in the hotel that I never saw anyone else unless it was to get stitches removed or post-surgery. I got a little bored with just mum… sorry mum J.

UBE Consultant
I first started working for UBE a year and a bit after my surgery, after years of hairdressing I knew how to talk! Perfect for the consulting job that was available. I went through months of training with Bel and Shaun and learned the ropes. It was fantastic to learn more about all of the other surgeries that Dr Unson performs on a regular basis. I have learned the ins and outs completely of my own BA, but learning about abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction, circumferential lift, blepharoplasty etc etc was phenomenal. I love to learn you see and so chatting with Dr Unson about the nitty gritty of all of the surgeries was food for my brain. Even to this day, years on, we still fall into teacher/student discussions about the technical parts of surgeries, the risks and rewards etc. I love working here, it’s a fantastic environment and a constant flow of growth and support, both giving to new clients and taking from my colleagues.
It’s so rewarding seeing clients coming to me with the exact same concerns or thoughts that I originally did and being able to watch them blossom and grow from their own experience with UBE.
Being able to help people is by far my favourite part of this job.

In the last 2 years of working with UBE there have been so many upgrade and all of the things I said I didn’t like or didn’t love about UBE they have completely changed and upgraded. Its now the most efficient, advanced process that enhances the entire experience for those wanting to have overseas surgery, or even those wanting to have the surgery of their dreams performed by one of the worlds best Plastic Surgeons at the best possible price. Everyone gets to stay at the recovery centre which is a beautiful, massive home for all UBE patients. Only UBE staff work there and this includes nurses, Dr Unson and numerous caretakers, maids and a cook. It’s the ultimate overseas surgery experience now.

My Return
Fast track 3 years from my surgery and I have now lost a lot of weight and everything is different. Still beautiful breasts from Doc, but different positioning and size to what I originally had. Note to all women wanting a breast augmentation; Be at your goal weight when you have your breasts altered in any way, whether it be a lift, an augmentation or a reduction. Trust me, this makes a difference.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my boobies. They are just 2 sizes smaller now than before and I miss my E cups. They fit me beautifully for my size now, if a bit small, and look very natural and are perfectly soft. Now that I have lost all of this weight I want to go larger to an 8E. They are currently an 8D cup.
Not a bad result from a 14A, to a 14E, to now, an 8D.

I’m very excited to be going back in March 2015 to have the surgery revised and get my E cups back. I know the ins and outs of this surgery, especially since I now look after all of the clients through UBE. I teach ladies on a daily basis about breasts and so I should be the best possible client. All of the suppliments, Vit/Mins, alcohol and smoking stops in 4 weeks from now and that’s when it all gets real again. I’m super excited to being going back to see Doc and Marc. I’ve missed them so much they have always been like family! Mum is super excited also! She loved the UBE team.
I have a massive week by week plan in place for my recovery, diet and exercise to fit all of the requirements post op. I was good the first time but I didn’t work out anywhere near as much as I do now. That will be my hardest hurdle. No exercise for 6 weeks, no lifting for 12.  This is hard for me as all of my training is yoga, pole dancing, heavy lifting, Boxing and HIIT sprints on a treadmill. All are strictly prohibited 12 weeks after surgery. I’m going to have to focus very heavily on my diet in this time to maintain my muscle mass and guarantee my perfect breasts as best I can. Capsular Contracture is going to be my biggest risk as this small percentage chance will increase minimally after a 2nd surgery on the capsule. My body heals beautifully so I should be fine as long as I do as I’m told.
My personal trainer is ready for my training when Im back in June 2015, my boyfriend is ready for his hands on duty (massage duty commences April 2015) and I have my work aware of my surgery – :P haha.

Will keep you posted on the experience of revision breast augmentation from someone in the know.
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