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32 years old

I am so pleased with the resul

Dental Implants  



Breast Augmentation Revision   Today marks my exact 4 weeks post op for my breast augmentation revision and I have to say, I’m very impressed with myself and my surgeon. This surgery was straight forward, easy and surprisingly easy and pain free. I prepared myself for more pain after this one considering it was 500cc implants (100cc size upgrade from previous implants) and was a new space being released to bring them closer together. The only real pain I ex

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The Beginning I found UBE through a few mutual friends and friends of friends. I had no idea about them during my original research and was actually looking at another company all together at the time. It was just the hospital that I was in discussions with and wasn’t feeling completely safe or sold on them, when my friend told me her friend had gone through a lady called Bel at Ultimate Beauty Escapes and that they were great and handled everything but your flights for

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